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  • Get a response from your direct mail campaign
    Direct mail postcards have an average response rate of 3.99%. That is higher than most other direct mail formats. Having a well thought out message and a nicely designed postcard can help you see a return on your direct mail investment. Here are 4 tips to help create a great direct mail postcard: The Personal … Read more
  • Why Is Direct Mail Still Popular
    We’ve been hearing for quite a few years that direct mail is dead. This has mostly been due to direct mail not being able to compete or utilize the technology that was rapidly coming out. One argument is that a physical piece that you hold in your hands such as a brochure or envelope is … Read more
  • Direct Mail Trends We Love
    Direct Mail is Getting Better and Better As with all advertising, direct mail too follows trends.  Lately we have spotted a few direct mail trends we love. High End Design Spending time on high-end design and production is a growing trend, especially in catalog production. Brands like Anthropologie, Patagonia, and J Crew highlight their products in artful, … Read more